Explosion safe lighting for Standic's new terminal in Antwerp

With the construction of a new chemical storage terminal in Antwerp, tank storage company Standic is taking major steps. The new terminal offers a potential total capacity of 230 thousand cubic meters. A gigantic step that doubles the total storage capacity. Unique Lights provides engineering and specific lighting for all processes on the terminal. And there are quite a few. From explosion safe to office lighting.


As part of the Hemetha Group, Standic specializes in chemicals and biofuels. The terminal in Dordrecht alone, Standic can accommodate 230.500 cubic meters of chemicals, biodiesels, base oils and lubricants. With more than 160 tanks, ranging in size from 156 m³ to 6,600 m³, the company offers the solution for various storage issues. In other words, tailor-made solutions, a mentality that fits seamlessly with Unique Lights’ working methods and expertise.


Explosion safe lighting
With the expansion from Dordrecht to Antwerp, the company is not only growing in capacity. This harbour city also offers the opportunity to further develop in the international market for specialized chemicals. However, such delicate storage requires unique demands on the lighting for the terminal. The most important one: explosion safe lighting according to the ATEX guidelines.


The ATEX directives are two European directives that organizations in the EU that work with flammable gases and explosion-sensitive materials must comply with. Due to these strict requirements, projects in the offshore oil and gas industry regularly present unique challenges. Lighting has to deal with extreme conditions, for example in locations where risk of explosion is high and access is difficult and/or problematic. And Standic is no exception. In this project the LED lighting had to be designed not only explosion safe, durable and efficient, but the size and location of the project also placed high demands on the many distinct components of the project.