Government dictates increasingly stringent standards to reduce energy consumption in the industrial sector. In this sector, the lights are never turned off. Work is often done around the clock in factories and production facilities. In general, these spaces are large and high and must comply with stringent safety requirements. Changing the lighting is often a challenging task.

LED lighting pays for itself rapidly

Within this specific production environment of long hours, lots of light and high spaces, economical, switchable and dimmable LED lighting pays for itself quickly. You can reduce both your lighting costs and your CO2 emissions in one fell swoop.

More productivity and safety

Industrial businesses consider optimum lighting increasingly important. A contemporary industrial lighting installation provides multiple benefits. A professional lighting plan and state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting technology reduce your operational costs. An intelligent lighting plan increases productivity and business continuity. It also improves your employees’ visual acuity and, therefore, their safe work output.

But the environment profits as well; LED lighting is a clearly demonstrable sustainable investment.

Sophisticated, future-proof lighting plan

The lighting experts at Unique Lights will be glad to help you create an intelligent, future-proof lighting plan. We achieve the proper level of lighting everywhere in your company using (far) fewer fixtures than conventional, existing situations. In high production halls, the number of light sources can often be reduced.
Furthermore, by using LED lighting, you save up to 70% on energy costs, lowering your CO2 footprint and achieving lower operational costs.

With our solutions for smart management, efficiency can increase even more.