The logistics sector – understandably – sets the highest demands on the flexibility, functionality and building management system of warehouses, storage and distribution facilities. For example, the right light between racks in operational warehouses forms the basis for productive work, safer production processes and the quality to be delivered.

Significant savings on energy costs in logistics, storage and warehousing

Warehouses and logistics centres often see very little daylight and have extended operating hours. Switching to LED can save you 65% on your energy costs. This does not include the reduction in your maintenance costs. Because LED fixtures have a much longer average lifespan, you can safely install them in hard-to-reach locations with the certainty that you will not have to maintain or replace them for years. LED lighting produces a higher colour rendering and light output (lux) per square metre than traditional warehouse lighting. This guarantees the well-being and safety of your employees. The LED products in our product range meet the European standards for workplaces.

Investment costs in LED lighting in logistics, storages and warehouses are rapidly earned back

Within this specific production environment of long hours, lots of light and high spaces, economical, switchable, dimmable and innovatively controlled LED lighting pays for itself quickly. You can reduce both your lighting costs and your CO2 emissions in one fell swoop. Unique Lights’ high-quality LED lighting is ideally suited to achieve these goals in this logistics environment. They meet the standards contributing to the improvement of the environment and the goals on energy transition.