Ports and Industrial Estates

Lighting of ports and industrial estates with LED lampposts and

LED lighting poles from Unique Lights save up to 90% energy and provide a beautiful, bright light.
This is not only more pleasant for the people who work there, but it also demonstrably contributes to increased safety.

Our light engineers translate your specific requirements into a sophisticated, future-proof lighting plan

Unique Lights designs and implements LED lighting plans for, among other things, container terminals, associated company halls, production halls and outdoor areas. Our light engineers understand your specific requirements and, after an extensive analysis, create a fitting Lighting plan for ports and industrial estates. We realise the right lighting level everywhere in your loading docks, ports with storage and transhipment, container terminals and outdoor areas with (much) fewer light points than in an existing conventional situation. By using LED lighting, you also save up to 70% energy, reduce CO2 emissions and lower operating costs. With our smart management solutions, you can increase this efficiency even more.

Turnkey Solutions

After the agreement, we’ll carry all of this out with selected partners on a turnkey basis, including service and maintenance. Read more about our customised Light as a Service model.

We successfully realise your LED project together

Together with you, we accomplish successful projects that not only achieve significantly lower energy consumption, but also provide less light nuisance, more safety for your employees, and higher traffic safety at ports and industrial estates.

Tailor-made energy-efficiency with LED solutions

Unique Lights does not sell fixtures but designs and installs energy-efficient customised LED solutions. These fit seamlessly with the needs and wishes of the end user at ports and industrial estates. It starts with the average amount of lux-on-ground you require, or what the (European) standard sets. Our light engineers then make a light calculation that shows precisely where on the terrain at which height, the (ATEX) fittings of which wattage should be mounted.