Project Yme Kuiper; a safer and more pleasant work environment through LED

As an experienced partner in the field of lighting, we have been able to make many businesses safer and more sustainable by means of LED lighting. But some projects become even more special if the values ​​of the customer seamlessly equate with ours. Making the lighting at Yme Kuiper in Heerenveen more sustainable was such a project. While maintaining a focus on the shared pursuit of optimal quality, food safety and personal service, we have been able to help this historic company in taking a sustainable step in lighting.


Match made in heaven
Yme Kuiper dried fruit, nuts & seeds is one of the key players in the field of purchasing, processing and selling dried tropical fruits, nuts and seeds. The values ​​of the historic company have been the same since its foundation in 1859: reliability, excellent quality, competitive prices and old-fashioned personal service. And, in the pursuit of excellent quality, another important aspect comes to light: food safety. As such, they came to Unique Lights with their lighting query. As a specialist in LED lighting for the food industry, they found in us an experienced partner with (almost) identical values: Reliability, optimal quality, Light As a Service and customization through a personal approach.


Food safety and lighting
For Yme Kuiper, food safety within the production process is the most important spearhead of the company. And that importance reaches far. After all, contamination must be prevented at all times to ensure the highest quality in their products. Hence even the lighting is subject to strict requirements. Shock-resistant, splash-proof, splinter-free and made of an easy-to-clean smooth material; all kinds of requirements that luminaires and lighting in general must meet in the food industry. And even then we almost forget the most important thing; the lighting must serve the employees to result in optimal visibility and a safe work environment.


Better visibility for improved safety and job satisfaction
It was precisely this optimal visibility and a safe and pleasant working environment that was the main reason for Yme Kuiper to tackle the lighting. Both the production hall and the warehouses had dark corners and hard to see places. To guarantee the safety of employees, but of course also to make their work environment more pleasant, the lighting had to be urgently addressed. As a result, all of the fixtures in all of the warehouses and in the entire production hall have been replaced by sustainable LED lighting. Smart engineering made it possible to realize with more light with less luminaires. A green step forward for the company, both in their energy bills and from an environmental point of view.


Are you running into similar problems with the lighting in your warehouse/production hall or office? Or are you curious about what we, as a specialist in food lighting, can do for you? Contact one of our project managers or engineers!