Tailor-made lighting within 3 weeks for Zwanenberg Food in Oss, NL

As a food producer, Zwanenberg Food has to meet strict requirements in their factories. And so does the lighting. To ensure that the inspection that would take place within a couple of weeks would be passed with flying colors, we developed tailor-made lighting to meet all requirements, wishes and guidelines. Unique Lights is now working on the lighting throughout the entire factory, not shying away from a challenge in this continuation of the project.


Zwanenberg Food is one of the leading European producers and exporters of meats, preserved meat, snacks, soups, sauces, vegetarian and vegan products.In addition to their own successful brands, Zwanenberg also develops, produces and distributes a number of successful private labels in the domestic and international market. Motivated by the goal to reach a leading international position, Zwanenberg products are now available in more than 100 countries worldwide. We are of course delighted to be able to work with Zwanenberg to better, renew and improve the sustainability of the factory-lighting in Oss.


Tailor-made lighting for the food industry
It stands to reason that lighting in the food processing industry is subject to strict requirements. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) guidelines determine which risks there are for food safety and therefore which critical points in the production or storage halls need extra attention. For lighting this means; shockproof, splash-proof, splinter-free and easy to clean. In addition, it is of utmost importance that there is no risk that parts of the luminaires can come off of fall down, for these can contaminate the production process.


Pertaining to the HACCP guidelines only, there is plenty of challenge when drawing up a lighting plan for such a project. However, each project also presents its own unique requirements. And the factory in Oss is no exception. The sizes of the lighting in the ceiling differed from the standard sizes, and a suitable lamp simply did not exist (yet). As such, there is only one solution: tailor-made lighting. “In these cases, you reverse the process,” senior accountmanager Dirk Elgersma explains. Usually, planning starts by looking at the available lighting and how we can utilize it to optimally illuminate the room. “Now we work the other way around; what does this specific space need?”


In this case, what this space needed was hundred lamps that perfectly fit the ceiling of the Zwanenberg factory. But the various halls in the factory had additional requirements. For example, a camera in the production hall detects the color blue, to prevent the blue plastic packaging of the meat from ending up in further production. If the camera detects blue, the entire production process will automatically halt. “We therefore asked our producer for LED lighting that falls in a spectrum without blue, so this process could work optimally.”


Short-term work
But still, there was more: “Within the Food processing industry, inspections are regularly carried out to make sure the production process meets all requirements. With the current lighting, there was a risk that the factory would not pass the inspection. So the new lighting had to be arranged before then. ” Thus, the production and installation of the new LED lighting had to be completed within 3 weeks. An almost impossible challenge. “But we virtually never say no, not even in this case.” One hundred lamps in an unconventional size that meet the HACCP guidelines and do not fall in the blue light spectrum. “We can arrange that!”


It is precisely for this reason that the initial collaboration between Unique Lights and Zwanenberg Food has grown into a long-term project in Oss. The entire factory hall is renewed and made more sustainable in phases. All these new phases often present themselves with new challenges, but never one without a solution. “In the end, it’s all just about one thing: when there’s an inquiry, you have to make sure you are present and solve the client’s concerns. In case of problems, I will be on their doorstep within 2 hours.”

The lighting in the Zwanenberg Food factory hall in Oss is currently an ongoing project, which we as Unique Lights are proud to participate in. Curious how about the progress, or how we can utilize our experience for your project? For all your questions about this project or other services, you can always contact us!