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Each market and sector has its own unique challenges regarding lighting requirements and needs. By offering customised solutions, we realise LED projects in the most demanding industrial market sectors. Since 2006, our team of LED specialists has continuously identified the very latest innovations in the field of LED, assessed them and, after proven success, added them to our services. That makes Unique Lights a leader in LED.

In short, we are the professionals of choice in LED lighting

  • Reliable partner with a reliable product

    We aim for long-term, high-quality and meaningful relationships with our clients in various sectors. Transparency and fair business practices are part of our DNA. In a professional, highly skilled and reliable way, we provide our clients with a sustainably luminated, safe, and productive working environment.

  • Smart synthesis between technology and sustainability

    • Always up-to-date and expert advice
    • Technical advantage of our LED systems
    • A safe working environment for your employees
    • The sustainable use of LED in your organisation
    • Savings of 50-80% (depending on connectivity)
    • Ten times longer lifetime of lighting systems compared to conventional lighting
    • An option to finance with a fixed monthly amount and no drain on your working capital

High-quality LED systems made in the West

We offer only LED systems of the very best quality. The products we carefully select are of Western manufacture and meet the highest possible specifications. Our independent advice is expert and tailored to each client.


We love what we do and are proud of it. Our way of working creates a bond of trust between colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners. We’re willing to go the extra mile and celebrate all our successes.

Sustainable in all areas

LED systems are a sustainable choice with a positive financial result for our clients. Almost all components of the high-end lighting fixtures we supply are suitable for reuse and thus fit well in a circular economy. And thanks to the best technological solutions nature is not burdened unnecessarily. Light pollution is prevented. By applying specific colour spectra, wildlife is not disturbed. Savings from LED lighting are between 50% and 80%. With 80% savings being achieved by fitting the lighting fixtures with ‘smart’ technology.

Significant energy and cost savings

Opting for LED delivers significant energy and cost savings. Not only by reducing your energy bill, but also by saving on maintenance. Not only do you and your stakeholders benefit, but the environment does too.

We possess:

In proud collaboration with our partners
  • Raytec
  • Dialight
  • ATM lighting
  • Indulite
  • Innolumis
  • Intra Lighting
  • Rubitech
  • Midstream

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