Support services

In addition to high-quality LED systems, we offer various support and other services.

Support services

Independent advice

One of Unique Lights’ strengths is our ability to provide independent advice. A client’s wishes form the starting point for our definitive advice. The key focus being the best solution, and not the brand. Advice is provided by one of our experienced Unique Lights consultants who will visit you. Not slick salesmen, but professional lighting enthusiasts with an eye for detail and the client.

Project supervision

Creating an energy-efficient, safe and productive working environment through the right LED solution involves more than just purchasing LED systems. Unique Lights has earned its position in the market through its project-based approach and client guidance. From preparation to completion of the job and all the phases in between, Unique Lights’ project consultants take care of everything for you.

Engineering (light studies)

An optimally luminated working environment starts with professional engineering. Unique Lights employs professional lighting engineers who engineer lighting plans for a wide variety of industrial situations. Based on your needs and requirements, we create a lighting plan with the right lighting level for your company and the environment where your business is located. From pre-engineering, the feasibility and budgeting phases, to detailed engineering.


Enjoy the benefits of LED lighting without pre-financing? Unique Lights offers your organisation the opportunity to equip your working environment with the best-quality LED systems for a fixed monthly fee. Bespoke engineering, installation, financing, turnkey delivery and maintenance are included in this LAAS concept. In many cases, the benefits of LAAS outweigh the costs. In short, being able to meet international requirements (e.g. the ‘Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive’) without major investments, an optimally luminated and safe working environment, lower energy costs, higher productivity and a satisfied finance department. And at the end of the agreed period, the LED lighting becomes the property of the client, too.

Custom products

Sometimes our extensive range is not specific enough to meet an order. In such cases, we switch to making customised products. These customised products also meet the highest quality standards. An example of a custom product is the application of new LED systems in existing lighting fixtures or recesses. This support service allows us to keep costs acceptable to clients while meeting the requirements of a circular economy.

Savings calculation

That LED lighting is energy-efficient compared to conventional lighting is common knowledge. If suppliers are to be believed, a lot of energy savings – and thus cost savings – can be made. But what do these wonderful promises and numbers mean specifically for your operations? Unique Lights can make a specific calculation based on your current and desired situation. Not through a quick calculation module on our website, but by properly mapping out your business situation. Clear, accurate and credible.


Product training

For demanding industrial applications, Unique Lights carries a wide range of high-quality products with warranties ranging from five to ten years. To provide clients with relevant (technical) information on the products relevant to them, Unique Lights facilitates the following forms of product training:

  • Workshops in your region
  • Training at your premises

Network meeting

Unique Lights has a large network of professionals within their respective fields. Bringing these professionals into contact with each other allows new forms of cooperation to be created, information to be exchanged and market- and client-specific challenges to be solved.

Advice from professional field-service staff

Unique Lights has an expert field service that supports clients in a project-based manner in the step-by-step realisation of an energy-efficient and optimally luminated workplace. There is a lot of practical experience within the team. Experience with previous clients is put to best use on new projects. You will receive optimum support in terms of the right product solution, applicable standards, the latest laws and regulations and possible subsidies.

Optimal accessibility and support for questions provided by a professional back office

Unique Lights’ back office is ready to answer your questions on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. Whether it’s product information, delivery dates or service-related issues, our customer-friendly back office professionals are there for you.


Unique Lights publishes a newsletter once every six months providing you with relevant new information in an easily accessible way. This will keep you up to date with the latest developments.


Unique Lights aims to establish long-term relationships with its clients. After a job is completed, Unique Lights stays in touch with its clients at an agreed frequency. Despite working only with high-end quality systems, unforeseen technical issues can never be completely ruled out. Should that happen on a rare occasion, we are immediately able to come up with an appropriate solution.


    Reliable partner with a reliable product

    We aim for long-term, high-quality and meaningful relationships with our clients in various sectors. Transparency and fair business practices are part of our DNA. In a professional, highly skilled and reliable way, we provide our clients with a sustainably luminated, safe, and productive working environment.

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