Corporate Social

Careful consideration

In everything we do, we try to make a careful and balanced consideration of profit, concern for the environment and the interests of our customers, employees and society. For example, you can see this reflected in the digitisation of our administration, our print policy, providing fruit to our employees, the use of social work facilities for various activities, collecting recyclable products for Wecycle and CliniClowns, sponsoring local sports clubs and more.



It’s about balance, now and in the future

Sustainability has to do with the way you deal with the scarce resources that generate prosperity, both now and in the future. In a sustainable society, the current global population provides for its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
There is a balance between ecological, economic and social interests.


Unique Lights contributes to this wherever possible and as much as possible.

We, as Unique Lights, feel responsible for contributing to sustainable development wherever we can make an impact through our business operations. Together with our suppliers, we have now reached an advanced stage in our ability to offer fully sustainable fixtures.
We also work closely with partners who can assist our customers in the field of solar energy.


An active and involved member of (Dutch CSR group) MVO Nederland

For issues related to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, we are appreciative of the advisory panel from MVO Nederland. We are also an MVO Nederland partner.
In this manner, and together with other partners, we support the development of entrepreneurship performed in a socially responsible manner.

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