Excellent engineering

Above all, Unique Lights is not just a product-selling entity, but a solution-oriented partner. In our view, optimally efficient LED lighting starts with engineering, both in new buildings and when replacing existing lighting with LED lighting.

Unique Lights has in-house experts who can engineer a wide range of LED lighting plans, ranging from simple to complex. From pre-engineering, the feasibility and budget phase to detailed engineering. We usually carry out this elaborate engineering in close cooperation with the customer’s engineers.


Did the customer approve the specifications?

Once the specs have been approved, the engineers of Unique Lights also coordinate the transparent selection and management of the contractors chosen by the customer. Our engineers, led by an experienced project leader, supervise the actual execution of the project that is based on the calculations and drawings of the engineers of Unique Lights.
Of course, you can also use Unique Lights for the engineering of your LED lighting only.


Total control over lighting

The software provides you with all the tools and data you need to ensure the lighting on the industrial estate and in the factories is safe, sustainable, less light-polluting and energy-efficient and to maintain it exceptionally cost-effectively.


Software functions:

  • Asset management
  • Fault and maintenance management
  • Operation of dynamic lighting
  • Generating reports

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