We would like to list the advantages of LED lighting for you

  • Invest in a budget-neutral way
  • Savings on maintenance costs of 80-90%
  • High-quality guarantees (5 – 10 years)
  • > 100,000 burning hours
  • EIA (Energy Investment Deduction) possible *

Working climate or improved safety experience in the workplace
Research shows that professional LED lighting provides a more pleasant and healthier working climate on every work site: there is less heat development, there are no disturbing shadows or flickering. In the office, the screen is calmer, there is daylight experience, there are fewer headaches and it ensures less fatigue and better concentration.

Savings on energy consumption of 50-80%
LED lighting consumes up to 90% less energy than the incandescent lamp and 50% less than a CFL or fluorescent tube. This makes a considerable difference in costs.

Reduction of CO2 emissions
The use of LED lighting provides a direct reduction in CO2 emissions. This is an important starting point for the Energy Transition agreements.

No chemical waste
Fluorescent lighting and energy-saving lamps contain substances (including mercury), which means that they must be processed as chemical waste. This is a hidden (energy) cost item.

Very long life
A LED fixture lasts 15,000 to 150,000 hours, depending on the application.

Little heat development
LED converts much more energy into light than traditional lighting. This creates less heat. That is why LED is suitable for many different applications.

LED lighting is very strong. The height of the temperature, shock, vibration or fall? There is little that affects the operation of the lamp. LED lighting can be used in the most extreme markets.

Focusing of light
LED can radiate the light in a targeted manner, it is controllable in almost any direction.

LED has no loss with frequent switching on and off and reaches full power in a few milliseconds.

The use of LED lighting is a tangible expression of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within your company

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