Your lighting plan engineering starts with collaboration

The lighting experts at Unique Lights will be glad to help you create an intelligent, future-proof lighting plan. We achieve the proper level of light everywhere in your company using (far) fewer fixtures than in conventional, existing situations. In high production halls, the number of light sources can often be reduced.

Together, we guide you quickly, punctually and accurately to the ideal LED solution for your company situation. We do this based on lighting plan engineering.

First, we listen carefully to your wishes and requirements when it comes to LED lighting and a pleasant work situation for your employees. We also make an inventory of which light-related matters are particularly relevant for your market sector. In short, our expert LED specialists make an inventory of the situation, your wishes, the possibilities and preconditions at your location.

Excellent engineering

Above all, Unique Lights is not just a product-selling entity, but a solution-oriented partner. In our view Mission and Vision, optimally efficient LED lighting starts with engineering, both in new buildings and when replacing existing lighting with LED lighting. Unique Lights has in-house experts who can engineer a wide range of LED lighting plans, from simple to complex. From pre-engineering, the feasibility and budget phase to detailed engineering. We usually carry out this elaborate engineering in close cooperation with the customer.

Practical implementation

Did the customer approve the specifications? Then the engineers of Unique Lights also coordinate the transparent selection and management of the contractors chosen by the customer.
Our engineers, led by an experienced Unique Lights project leader, supervise the actual execution of the project that is based on the calculations and drawings.

Of course, you can also use Unique Lights purely for the engineering of your LED lighting, or opt for customisation based on our light as a service model Light as a Service.

In proud collaboration with our partners
  • Raytec
  • Dialight
  • ATM lighting
  • Indulite
  • Innolumis
  • Intra Lighting
  • Rubitech
  • Midstream

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