Phasing out fluorescent lighting in 2023; what’s changing?

Production of the T5, T8 and Compact Fluorescent Lamps will cease in 2023. The reason for phasing out fluorescent and other lighting are European climate targets, which are designed to result in a 55% reduction in energy consumption by 2030. Replacing conventional lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting should and can play an important role in this transition.

Phasing out fluorescent lighting in 2023; what’s changing?

Due to changes in RoHS legislation, several light sources are no longer allowed to be manufactured in or imported into the EU. That’s why, with effect from 24 February 2023, the manufacture and import of fluorescent lighting ceased.

If your company has already switched to LED lighting, obviously nothing will change. However, if your company still uses conventional lighting, even partially, the phasing out of fluorescent lighting will require attention in the coming period. It is important to find an LED alternative for your lighting in good time. At Unique Lights, we are looking forward to support your organization in and contribute ideas on how the transition to full LED lighting can be made in a professional, efficient and financially appealing way.

LED in fluorescent lighting fixtures?

Through trial and error, too many users of LED tubes in existing fluorescent lighting fixtures know that in terms of safety, light output and ultimate cost, this is not the solution. So, what is the right move, then?

Make sure you’re well informed

Whichever supplier you choose, opt for industrial LED lighting where the lighting fixture and the integrated light source have been developed as a single unit. Unique Lights will gladly advise your organisation on the most suitable LED solutions for your operating circumstances. The LED solutions we supply are always made in the West and can be either purchased or financed based on the Lighting-as-a-Service concept.

The benefits of switching to LED lighting

Fluorescent lighting is phased out in 2023 with a view to reducing energy consumption. However, that’s not the only reason why switching to LED lighting is an excellent choice. Based on our years of specialist experience in sectors such as heavy industry, energy, and food and pharmaceuticals, we have already been able to provide many organisations with LED lighting with the following benefits:

  • An optimally luminated working environment:
    • Higher productivity
    • Reduced risk of workplace accidents thanks to better lighting
    • After >100,000 hours 90% light retention*
  • Cost savings in terms of:
    • Energy consumption (reduction from 60%->80%**)
    • Maintenance costs
    • Replacement costs
    • Inspection costs
  • Less light pollution and nature-friendly solutions in for instance Natura 2000 nature reserves.
  • In case of malfunctions, rapid repair and availability of lighting thanks to a modular lighting-fixture design.*
  • A bespoke lighting plan gives insight into light output, often using fewer lighting fixtures compared to conventional lighting.

Need advice on phasing out fluorescent lighting?

For further information and advice, please do not hesitate to contact our LED specialists.

* This varies by brand and type of LED lighting fixture.

** When lighting is made ‘smart’, energy consumption for industrial lighting can be reduced by more than 80%.

*** Download the white paper confirming the benefits of high-performance LED systems vs fluorescent lighting based on independent research.



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