Because of the uncertainty in the international gas market and the desire to be less dependent on Russian gas, a new floating LNG terminal has been developed in Eemshaven: This EemsEnergyTerminal is a subsidiary of Gasunie. It is planned that the site where this temporary terminal is located will be used for the import of green hydrogen in the near future.

  • Liquefied natural gas

    The LNG terminal acts as a factory where liquefied natural gas, brought to Eemshaven by ship, is converted into gasified natural gas. It can then be transported through the nearby underground national gas pipeline network. The terminal will allow the Netherlands to introduce about 8 billion cubic meters of additional natural gas into the gas network each year.

  • Record time

    The terminal was completed and operational in a record time of 6 months. Because of the safety risks and the speed of this project, Unique Lights connected early to make a proper lighting calculation for the stair towers. This was done in consultation with Fluor Engineering, the partner who made the technical drawing of the entire terminal. Due to good communication between all parties, the calculation was quickly approved, and the execution could proceed.

  • Nature-friendly

    The original plan assumed the use of white light based on daylight color. Later this was adjusted to light with a frequency of 505 THz (or 505nm) from the color spectrum. Although the terminal is not in a Natura2000 area, the choice of this color is more beneficial for biodiversity in the nearby “Ems-Dollard” area. This lighting is currently in production and will soon be installed in the LNG terminal.

    We have been working with Gasunie for many years and are proud of the fact that we have once again been given the confidence to professionally complete this wonderful assignment. To be continued!

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Sustainability

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