Rubis Terminal

France’s Rubis Group is an independent operator of downstream petroleum and chemical plants. With a combined storage capacity of 3 million cubic metres, its Rubis Terminal division is the fifth largest independent operator in Europe, with terminals along the North Sea, in the Mediterranean and throughout the inner ports of France and Germany. Rubis wanted to commission one of the world’s most energy-efficient facilities at the new terminal in Rotterdam. Designed for storage and handling of mineral-oil products and chemicals, and suitable for transport by ocean vessel, train, truck and pipeline. This project adheres to the highest standard in terms of low energy consumption and minimal environmental impact.

  • World class

    For such a large project, world-class lighting simply has to be part of the equation. However, the organisation’s experience showed that the other terminals were not a good example. The combination of fluorescent lamps and floodlights worked inefficiently and sometimes made it difficult for staff to do their jobs. Much higher standards were required for this new site in Rotterdam.

  • 3D lighting plan

    Rubis appointed Unique Lights to look for suitable lighting for this terminal. Based on these stringent requirements, we developed a 3D lighting plan so that each lamp could be placed as efficiently as possible. This made it possible to estimate exactly how many lighting fixtures needed to be installed without incurring unnecessarily high costs.

    It was decided to use lighting fixtures from Dialight. The selected LED lighting fixtures are highly resistant to salt-spray corrosion. With years of performance guarantees, Rubis is confident that no investments will be needed for maintenance and that there’s no need to worry about lighting performance.

  • Savings

    By choosing Dialight’s new generation of LED lighting fixtures, considerable savings are made on maintenance costs. What’s more, substantial savings are expected on energy costs and related greenhouse gases are reduced by 60 percent. Rubis expects to recoup costs within four years.

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Sustainability

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