Sandfirden Technics

Sandfirden Technics supplies equipment – including engines and generator sets – to the marine and industrial markets. From a trading company founded in 1947, Sandfirden Technics has grown into a full-service technical specialist with 60 staff, 3 production halls and its own R&D department. But the company’s values have always remained the same: quality, innovation and sustainability.

  • The challenge

    Sandfirden Technics believes that technology plays an important role in designing sustainable solutions. While they were already making considerable progress in their own production, they also carefully examined sustainability within their operations a few years ago. Based on that, the decision followed to give the premises a major overhaul. The goal was a completely self-sufficient building in terms of energy consumption. With smart, sustainable LED lighting to achieve that goal, of course.

  • The solution

    Sandfirden Technics came to the conclusion that an older part of its premises did not fit within the new sustainability vision. Demolition proved to be the best solution, despite all the brand new lighting that had just been installed there. Fortunately, Unique Lights’ lighting solution could be easily adapted to the new plans. The new lighting fixtures were neatly dismantled and thanks to the intelligent engineering in the original lighting plan, all the lighting could be reused in the rebuilt structure. And that’s sustainable.

  • Collaboration

    Besides drawing up a lighting plan, Unique Lights also clearly specified the engineering factors at the preliminary stage. This meant that at a later stage, the installation was carried out efficiently, thanks in part to close cooperation with installer Van Westen from Anna Paulowna. What’s more, Sandfirden Technics’ business operations were not affected. Bart Bakker: “Our technical colleagues worked perfectly with the people at Unique Lights. In fact, I only had to sign the contract and then I simply left it to them. I think those are the best collaborations.”

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Sustainability

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