Staalstraal Brabant

Staalstraal Brabant is the market leader in machine blasting and machine preservation of commercial steel. Sustainable production and innovative solutions are part of their promise to the market. Recently, Brabant Group invested in sustainable energy solutions, including industrial LED lighting from Unique Lights.

  • The challenge

    Together with our supplier Rubitech, we were given the challenging task of creating lighting studies for 14 large halls of Staalstraal Brabant. All the halls were different sizes and, with values varying between 30 and 85 lux, were too dark to work in. A work space that is too dark is not only unsafe, but can also cause high failure rates, absenteeism and unnecessary energy costs. Our account manager Corné Muis used Rubitech’s Intenz Output lighting fixture to create the best lighting plan.

  • The solution

    The installation work was carried out outside production hours, allowing us to fit all rooms with updated lighting unnoticed within a lead time of about six weeks. With a 10-year warranty and a one-to-one replacement that makes it easy to install in older lighting fixtures, we supplied various lighting fixtures ranging from 28,000 to 40,000 lumens. In the renovated setting, Staalstraal Brabant complies with current NEN standards, with the lux level in the entire factory comparable to a 24/7 daylight situation. Besides a perfect working environment, this saves Staalstraal Brabant 60% on energy and the company gets up to 5 times more light, with a payback period within 4 years.

  • The result

    Lighting affects working conditions. There were positive responses at Staalstraal Brabant, from both management and production staff. They said they were not affected by the installation and were happy with the renovated lighting that allowed them to work better and more safely. This project has resulted in a healthy partner relationship.

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Sustainability

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