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Unique Lights: leading in LED

We have grown from pioneer to professional. From primary market explorer to
fully-fledged and widely recognised professional partner in sustainable LED systems.


Our cradle-to-cradle LED solutions, engineered in the west, can be found all around the world. Both in offices and in high-risk industrial work environments. The critical market is rapidly picking up our products and services. In short, we are the market leader in LED and can rightly call ourselves: Professionals in LED Lighting.


Intelligent synthesis of technology and sustainability


If you have selected Unique Lights, you’re also making a conscious choice for multiple benefits:

  • Always the latest professional advice.
  • The unrivalled technological lead of our LED systems.
  • A contribution to a safer work environment for your employees.
  • Sustainable deployment of LED in your organisation.
  • From offices to high-tech industrial locations.
  • You profit from a 75% decrease in energy consumption compared with regular lighting systems, and with lifespans that are ten times longer as an added benefit.


Significant energy and cost savings

Together with you, we achieve significant energy and cost savings. We deliver both lower energy bills and significant savings on maintenance. The possibility for huge savings is demonstrable, creating a win-win situation for you, your organisation and the environment. 
We introduce the cradle-to-cradle economy into your organisation as it is intended. The environment benefits along with your customers and stakeholders.