Unique Lights leading in LED

We have grown from pioneer to professional. From primary market explorer to fully-fledged and widely recognized professional partner in sustainable LED systems.

You will find our circular solutions of purely Western manufacture worldwide. Both in offices and in high-risk industrial working environments. The critical market is rapidly selecting us.

In short, we are leaders in LED and therefore call ourselves: Professionals in LED Lighting.

The smart synthesis between technology and sustainability

Do you choose Unique Lights? Then you choose several benefits:

  • Always current and expert advice.
  • The unprecedented technical advantage of our LED systems.
  • The safety-enhancing contribution to the working environment of your employees.
  • The sustainable use of LED in your organization.
  • From an office garden to a hi-tech industrial location.
  • You benefit from the consumption of only 25% energy compared to regular lighting systems.
  • With an additional ten times longer lifespan.
  • Financing LED> a fixed amount per month and no assessment on your working capital

Significant energy and cost savings

Together with you, we realize significant energy and cost savings. Both by reducing the burden on your energy bill and significant savings on maintenance. High savings are demonstrably possible. Plus a win-win situation for you, your organization and the environment.
We bring the circular economy as it is intended to be concrete into your organization. The environment benefits as well as your customers and stakeholders.

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