What does phasing out of TL lighting mean for your company?

Phasing out of TL lighting, what does this mean for your company? As you may already know, in 2023, the production of T5, T8, and Compact Fluorescent Lamps has been discontinued as part of achieving European climate goals. If your company still relies on conventional lighting, it is time to pay attention to this change. After all, you don’t want to be left in the dark!

The right LED lighting has a positive impact on various aspects within your organization.

An optimally lit industrial environment:

  • Reduces the risk of workplace accidents
  • Significantly lowers energy and maintenance costs
  • Increases productivity within your organization
  • Prevents light pollution for the surroundings and the environment
With a customized lighting plan, all of these benefits can be made transparent for your specific company situation. Do you want to learn more about the phasing out of conventional lighting and the best Industrial or ATEX LED alternatives? Contact us: www.uniquelights.com/contact/
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