What is ATEX?

Within Europe, we have two main directives related to explosion hazards under atmospheric conditions. These are the ATEX 114 (formerly ATEX 95) and ATEX 153 (formerly ATEX 137) directives. The ATEX 114 directive focuses on products and guides the manufacture of LED lighting fixtures for areas where there is a risk of explosion. The ATEX 153 directive is related to workplaces and targets employers whose employees work in areas where there is a risk of explosion. Want to learn more about which fixtures are suitable for which ATEX zones? Take a look at the overview.


The application of LED lighting in Zone 1/2 and 21/22

For these zones, Unique Lights offers ATEX-certified LED lighting that can also be used as emergency fixtures.

When reviewing the ATEX certification of the LED fixture, always pay close attention to any exceptions. Various suppliers in the market provide fixtures that, despite having ATEX certification, may not be applicable in all high-risk situations. Seek professional and honest advice to prevent unnecessary risks and incorrect purchases.

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The application of LED lighting in Zone 0 and 20

In these zones, the risk of explosion is sufficiently high (continuous, long, or repetitive) that permanent lighting is not feasible. To illuminate these zones, mobile ATEX-certified LED lighting is commonly used. Unique Lights offers various LED lighting solutions for this purpose. For more information about suitable products, please get in touch with one of our ATEX LED specialists.

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  • Important ATEX guidelines in Europe

    In the three gas zones (0, 1, and 2), there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of gas, vapors, and liquids. In the three dust zones (20, 21, and 22), the explosion hazard is caused by explosive fibers, dust particles, or solid substances. In addition, the zones are depicted schematically.

  • ATEX zones according to the ATEX 153 directive.

    Unique Lights advises from an independent position and provides the highest quality LED lighting systems for hazardous environments. The fixtures are made of cast aluminum, with the LED lamp shielded with polycarbonate. This makes them resistant to the most extreme conditions. Want to know more about which fixtures are suitable for which ATEX zones? Check out the overview.

  • Warranty on our LED lighting

    The warranties on our LED lighting systems are a minimum of five years and sometimes ten years. For more information about the best LED solutions for your company, please feel free to contact one of our LED specialists without any obligation.

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