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The energy industry places high demands on lighting. We know better than anyone which lights are essential in which places. We provide your organisation with independent, expert, clear and honest advice. As such, we supply the best LED lighting fixtures suitable for your organisation.

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  • Quality
  • Passion
  • Sustainability
  • Safe lighting for the energy industry

    Energy is generated, stored and transported in various ways. Whether it’s fossil fuels, electricity, renewable energy (solar, wind, hydrogen), ‘waste to energy’ or nuclear, within this industry you face real challenges and hazards. Both on land (onshore) and at sea (offshore), you have to deal with the elements that LED lighting fixtures have to withstand.

  • Safe lighting for the energy industry

    Furthermore, a number of situations involve explosion hazards. In such settings, it is essential that employees are able to work safely and with clear lighting. In case of emergencies, employees must be able to find their way to designated assembly areas. There are also increasing requirements for lighting when it comes to nature and wildlife. In short, this industry places high demands on lighting. We know better than anyone which lighting is essential in which place. We do so independently, expertly, clearly and honestly with the best LED lighting fixtures available.

The added value of Unique Lights for the energy industry

  • Sophisticated lighting plan for improved safety
  • Certified quality products
  • Specialist in ATEX and explosion-proof lighting
  • Custom installations
  • Service from engineering to installation and maintenance
  • Knowledge and proven experience in lighting for the onshore and offshore energy industry
  • We also partner with our clients within the energy industry to provide LED solutions and services for their office and logistics locations


The markets in which Unique Lights operates often involve zones where explosion hazards may be present. Explosion hazard may result from the presence of gas and/or dust. An environment where there is a risk of explosion is called an ATEX environment. ATEX stands for ‘ATmosphères EXplosibles’.

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