Within the food processing industry, stringent hygiene and safety standards apply. In Unique Lights, you will find an experienced partner. A partner that advises you on LED lighting, applicable to your location, meeting the highest HACCP standards.

Full compliance with HACCP

Unique Lights provides you with a complete LED lighting plan according to the guidelines for the food processing sector, complying with the strict HACCP guidelines. The abbreviation HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. This is an analysis of critical points that require attention in production or storage halls in the event of potential food safety hazards.

HACCP Standard and LED lighting

This means that lighting must be made of a shockproof, splash-proof, splinter-free and smooth material that is easy to clean. No glass can be used at all in the fixture housing. It must be completely ruled out that there is a possibility that parts of the fixtures may come loose and contaminate the production process. Fixtures that meet these requirements are suitable for companies that process and produce food products in the food industry. The LED lighting from Unique Lights meets all these conditions.

LED lighting supports a responsible food process

The food processing industry consists of a wide range of diverse types of industries, ranging from the slaughter process and the manufacture of semi-finished products to the processing of ready-to-eat meals. In all these processes, it is essential to produce a responsible product. In these food processes, the choice of LED lighting from Unique Lights is the very best choice you can make.

Resistant to large temperature fluctuations

Our LED lighting is safe and gives your employees the best view of their work. We supply our LED lighting in an impact-resistant housing that can withstand significant temperature fluctuations such as those that can occur in the food industry.