On - & Offshore

Lighting is of vital importance to the offshore oil and gas industry. Especially when using lighting under extreme conditions such as in locations with the risk of explosion where access is difficult and problematic.
Quite appropriately, you and the government place strict requirements on explosion-safe LED lighting for the oil and gas industry.

Explosion-safe LED lighting: more topical than ever

Despite the current high price of oil and lower budgets, regulations concerning safety and the environment are becoming increasingly stringent. This is precisely why this moment calls for innovative solutions and new ways of working together.

Explosion-safe LED lighting: available in diversity

LED lighting from Unique Lights is available in both explosion-safe types (for zone 1, in accordance with ATEX and IEC Ex standards) and in industrial models. Explosion-safe lighting is used for multiple applications in areas presenting a risk of explosion, in which strict safety standards apply. Such as in healthcare, petrochemicals, food production and processing industries and cement products.


Explosion-proof LED lighting: indispensable in oil and gas industry

The long lifespan of LED lighting from Unique Lights, and the extremely low failure rate provide not only for lower maintenance costs but also for better possibilities for scheduling group replacement. Furthermore, aspects of LED lighting such as safety and the environment benefit from these ultimate lighting solutions. For example, by not having to open fixtures and by turning lighting on and off.