Omrin, collector and processor of waste, gradually switches to LED lighting

Omrin, collector and processor of waste, gradually switches over to LED lighting, both in its warehouses and on the outside areas. Tom de Vries is a work planner / buyer at Omrin: “The level of service provided by Unique Lights is very high.”


Omrin: closing the cycle

Omrin is a collector and processor of waste. They do the collection for more than 180,000 households in 16 Frisian municipalities, 3 Groningen and more than 7,000 companies. The processing is done for around 800,000 households and many companies. Omrin does everything it can to recover as much raw materials as possible from waste and to produce sustainable energy. Tom de Vries: “This is our passion for closing cycles and leading the way as a networker in the various product chains. Our name ‘Omrin’, Frisian for Recycling, already fits perfectly with the challenges we face as a society and a company. Together we get everything out. ”


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